Osteoarthritis Cell Therapy

Osteoarthritis is the very common form of arthritis it is a degenerative disorder affects mainly the cartilage of joints. Cartilage is a lubricated tissue which covers the bones on the joints to allow a friction free movement by lubricated joints the cartilage also acts as the shock absorber. Mesenchymal stem cell injections into the target joints and into the blood stream are showing vast improvements with our OA patients,

When the cartilage of bones get damage due to wear and tear of the cartilage the bones gets exposed and they rub over each other to causing the bone to grind and giving extreme pain and swelling due to which the exposed bones cause the extreme pain to the person while moving the damaged joints. Over the time the joint may get the abnormal shape. The broken parts of joints and bones also float in the cartilage space causing extreme pain to the patient.

Due to the extreme rubbing of broken or non lubricated joints the joints become stiff, painful and may also leads to the loss of movement. It is also observed that all the joints in our body are at risk of osteoarthritis, but the joints of knee, hand, hips and spine are at the great risk of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis gradually becomes worse. As conventionally there is no cure for the osteoarthritis for repair of the damage caused due to the friction of bones. There is some temporary treatment available like lifestyle changes, maintaining healthy and balanced diet, weight loss for a healthy weight, physical activity. All these activity can treat the pain for temporary relief but there is no permanent cure in conventional methods.

osteoarthritis cell therapy knee injection
Sign & Symptoms of Osteoarthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Inability to move joints
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Grating effect of bones
  • Bone spurs




Unlike other forms of disease arthritis only affects the patients joints and not any internal body organ although arthritis occurs only in old ages now a day younger people are also develop it occasionally due to the sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits and joint injury is also a cause of it. As There is no medical test to diagnose the osteoarthritis doctors use the medical history and the symptoms for confirming that whether the patients has osteoarthritis , x-rays, blood test or other fluids of joints are examined to confirm the osteoarthritis. There is no permanent cure for the osteoarthritis in conventional methods the general treatment includes exercise, weight loss, rest and joint exercise are used to relive pain for some times.

However in stem cell treatments the stem cells are known to have various uses in the osteoarthritis. The therapy is done by the intra-infusion of mesenchymal stem cells into the knee joint or the joint suffering from osteoarthritis, using the latest proprietary combination treatment to potentially regenerate the hyaline tissue and cartilage, which shall reduce the symptoms of OSTEOARTHRITIS noticeably. The regenerated cartilage and tissue shall potentially be able to stop or gradually slow down the progress of the disorder and its symptoms.


Option 1) 200,000,000 purified Mesenchymal stem cells

Option 2) 100,000,000 purified Mesenchymal stem cells

  • Interarticular MSC injections / IV infusions MSC
  • + Bioquark peptide
  • + Cartilage cell growth factors
  • + Shockwave therapy
  • + Interarticular Laser therapy
  • + Stem Cell stimulation Laser therapy
  • + Oxygen therapy
  • + Enzyme + Nutriton course
  • Patients can feel the relief
  • Pain and stiffness are gone
  • There is no restriction in movement
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved mobility
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