Interstitial and Intraarticular Laser Therapy

Successful pain reduction and sustainable regeneration of spinal or joint disorders.

Interstitial laser therapy (with the use of a sterile catheter) or intra-articular treatment, allows the laser light to successfully treat herniated discs and spinal stenosis. With this technique damaged joints can be irradiated directly and internally, resulting in significantly improved therapeutic results. Green and blue lasers are normally absorbed by the surface of the tissue, thus the beneficial biological effects would not be used for joint issues, but using the interstitial laser technology, we can, for the first time bring blue and green laser to the inside of joints causing an anti-inflammatory effect.

Interstitial Laser Therapy is applied in treatment of:

  • Chronic spinal disorders
  • Disc herniations
  • Scar pain after disc surgery
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Nerve lesions
  • Deep tendon inflammation and sprains

Intra-articular laser therapy is applied in treatment of:intravenous laser blood therapy

  • Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Chronic shoulder syndromes
  • Ankle Osteoarthritis



Intravenous Laser Therapy

Intravenous laser blood irradiation was performed for the first time about 25 years ago in the former Soviet Union. Laser light was introduced directly into the flowing blood. Previously, in-vitro studies have shown that biological Soft laser irradiation of white blood cells trigger a variety of positive effects, in particular expression of immunoglobulins, interferons and interleukins, which are of particular importance. After introduction of the process, numerous studies were published that showed additional effects on various metabolic processes.

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General Effects
  • Improves Blood Health
  • Improves Blood circulation
  • Increases Energy In Stem Cells
  • Improves immune cell function
  • Significant improvement in overall performance
  • Improvement in sleep and vigilance
  • Positive effect on the general mood
  • Reduction of drug consumption


Special Effects
  • Better control of blood sugar levels – great for Diabeticsintravenous laser therapy bangkok
  • Reduced cholesterol and reduces plaque build up levels
  • Improves liver cell life cycle – reducing liver degeneration
  • Reduction in frequency in chronic inflammatory bowel disease
  • Improvement in general health status and mobility in Multiple Sclerosis
  • Positive results in chronic pain
  • Positive influence of tinnitus
  • Reduction of severe hypertension
  • Positive effects in Macular degeneration

External Laser Therapy

A pain-free stimulation of deep tissue with the biological effects of laser light

The so-called laser needles are used for pain-free acupuncture and placed on the skin or used together in special applicators for the treatment of larger surfaces. The combination of red, infrared, green and blue lasers makes it possible to achieve different depths of penetration and also achieve a biological effect in tissue. The highly concentrated laser light enters the tissue and leads to bio-stimulating and reparative effects without any side effects.

Areas of application:

  • Pain Management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Transcranial laser therapy: treatment of stroke, Parkinson's, migraines, vertigo, tinnitus, degenerative brain disease (cerebral sclerosis, Alzheimer's)
  • Acupuncture: All indications of traditional acupuncture, such as Spine syndrome, arthritis of all kinds, rheumatic disorders, tendinitis, migraine / headache syndromes, trigeminal neuralgia, depression, asthma
  • Dermatology: eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, chronic wounds, acne, herpes, gingivitis
  • Dentistry (eg periodontitis, peri)
  • Photodynamic therapy (actinic keratoses, basal cell carcinoma)
  • Cosmetic Laser Therapy (vitalization of the skin and wrinkles)
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