Parkinson’s Disease Cell Therapy

Parkinson's disease is a condition which is progressive in nature. Mainly it affects the nervous system resulting in body movement issues. IIn the early stages mild tremors are seen, progressing into advanced stages with associated frequent body immobility and slowing or permanent loss of movement. Parkinson's disease causes malfunctioning or death of neurons in the brain. The neurons ability to make chemicals called dopamine decrease, altering the way the brain controls the movement and coordination between different parts of the body.

Unfortunately , in this technological era there is no clue about the exact cause of disease and there is no treatment available to cure the condition. Options available in the conventional medicine offers medication and surgery which only give up symptoms not a perfect cure.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Diseaseparkinson's disease stem cell therapy

  • Tremor of hands
  • Shivering of arms, jaw, face and legs
  • Stiff limb and trunk
  • Impaired coordination and balance of body
  • inability to move
  • rigid muscles
  • speech changes
  • loss of involuntary movement
  • slow voluntary movement


Parkinson’s Disease Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cells are known to have very flexible uses in the Parkinson’s Disease (PD), especially the property of neurogenesis. This acts as regenerator of the damaged brain matrix and neurons and these cells are having the potential to differentiate into dopaminergic or DA neurons. This regeneration can lead to the restoration of the affected portion of brain and can regenerate the died or defective neurons.


Option 1) 200,000,000 purified Mesenchymal stem cells

Option 2) 100,000,000 purified Mesenchymal stem cells

  • + Bioquark peptide
  • + Brain peptide growth factors
  • + Stem Cell stimulation Laser therapy
  • + Oxygen therapy
  • + Enzyme + Nutriton course
  • Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are reduced
  • Tremor, bradykinesia and rigidness are reduced
  • Impaired muscle and movement coordination in improved
  • Posture balance, speech, writing ability is improved
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