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Photodynamic Therapy PDT Cancer Treatment combined with an Immune Cell Therapy course is showing to be an effective combination. The program can be complimentary to mainstream medicine or as an alternative cancer treatment.

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is one of the most interesting and promising treatment approaches in the therapy of many different cancer diseases. The principle is the stimulation of a light-sensitive substance based on natural chlorophyll (photosensitiser), which is given into the bloodstream intravenously and (or) injected locally into the tumour. The sensitiser binds to any type of tumour cell in the organism with very high specificity. After  stimulation with (laser) light, these are destroyed through the formation of active oxygen radicals. As a rule, photosensitisers are made up of porphyrin molecules or similar structures and are usually derivatives of haem or chlorophyll. Correspondingly, they are known as haematoporphyrin or chlorin. The most modern and selective photosensitiser at present is Chlorin E 6 and Liposomal ICG.

Lately, it is known that traditional chemotherapy means also work as  photosensitisers, and are considerably stimulated through light-specific wavelengths. So, chemotherapy can be combined with chlorine therapy in low, non-harmful doses.

A particular advantage of the therapy, as opposed to traditional chemotherapy, is that the immune system is not put under stress, but instead is strengthened by the intravenous laser therapy in the after treatment, whereby there is an additional secondary immunisation effect of the photodynamic therapy (PDT-immunisation).

For particular tumour diseases, a parallel low-dose chemotherapy is recommended, whereby the chemotherapeutics, such as 5-FU or Cis-Platin, also have a photosensitiser effect and are considerably boosted by the        intravenous laser stimulation, despite the low dosage, without putting substantial pressure on the immune system. Here, traditional oncology meets modern low-level laser medicine.

Around 3.5 hours after the photosensitiser injection, the substance is fully bound to the tumour and this is then locally irradiated externally.

For the following 2 weeks  10 sessions of IV laser, IV Oxygen treatment and PDT nutrition IV/Oral are given.

Treatment Program: 3 monthly 2 week treatment sessions:

pdt cancer treatment, alternative cancer treatment, photodynamic therapy cancer treatment, immune cell treatment,

Week 1:

  • 1 x liposomal ICG infusion
  • Specialist local tissue laser irradiation
  • 1 x Curcumin IV infusion
  • 5 x IV laser therapy
  • 5 x Daily blood oxygen therapy
  • 5 x Copper sulphate Chloryphyl
  • 5 x Hyperacin supplement

Week 2:

  • 1 x Curcumin infusion
  • 5 x IV laser therapy
  • 5 x Daily blood oxygen therapy
  • 5 x Copper sulphate Chloryphyl
  • 5 x Hyperacin supplement

Daily Oral supplements will be given for 1 month

The Program is 3 x 14 day programs over 3 consecutive months.


Per 14 day treatment program: 18,000 USD / 625,000 THB

Total: 54,000 USD / 1,860,000 Thai Baht

50% ($27,000 USD) of the total amount is required to start the treatment program. Treatments 2 and 3 require 25% payment at each stage ($13,500 USD

Immune Cell Treatment Booster Infusions

Help Your Body Clear Tumor Cell Debris Produced As a Result of Tumor Death

NK & Immune Cell Treatment Booster Program:

Our Immune Cell Booster consists of 2 essential components :

  • Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (CTL)
  • Cytokine induced Killer Cells (CIK) since the two cells have different properties in destroying tumor cells.

Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (CTL):

CTL specifically target tumor cells (MHC restricted pattern) by attaching its Receptor to Tumor Antigen of the tumor cells, and releases Cytotoxic, a chemical which has a property to destroy tumor cells.

Cytokine induced Killer Cells (CIK):

The Mechanism that activates the destruction of tumor cells by CIK derives from CIK recognizes the tension surrounding of tumor cells (Tumor  Microenvironment) which is unsuitable for the normal cells to live, thus, CIK cells can be activated by many types of tumor cells and are not subject to any specific type of tumor cells. It does not activated specifically to MHC (non-majorhistocompatibility complex-restricted). Once detected, CIK will release an enzyme to destroy the membrane of tumor cells. 

Details: The immune cell treatment will be given in either a 4 or 6 infusion course administered over a 2-3 week period (twice weekly). The process to culture the immune cells from the patient blood requires 14 days. During the 14 days we will administer the above PDT program.

Pricing: 4 infusions of Immune Cells: $18,000 USD / 620,000 Thai Baht

              6 infusions of Immune Cells: $27,000 USD / 930,000 Thai Baht

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