Cell Enrich Fat Transfer Face

an advanced new technique in fat transfer that uses your body’s own natural fat to help smooth facial wrinkles and lines, improve facial contouring, and add volume to the lips. Cell Enrich Fat Transfer Face is an excellent alternative to temporary injectable fillers and collagen treatments because patients will need fewer treatments, have less risk, and achieve more natural-looking results. 

Natural fat can help our skin look supple, fresh and young.  But as we age, fat is depleted, and the skin loses elasticity.  As a result, facial lines, wrinkles and folds can form, while cheeks can begin to look hollowed and gaunt.  The overall effect is a tired, worn out and older appearance.  Now, with Cell Enrich Fat Transfer Face, you can alleviate these signs of aging and bring back the rosy, full glow of youth. Cell Enrich Fat Transfer Face can help smooth out facial lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of bags under the eyes, plump up hollowed cheeks, even out skin irregularities, improve chin contour, and add volume to the lips. 


Using the latest advances in liposuction techniques, doctors are now able to harvest natural fat cells through a process gentle enough to keep fat cells intact and ready for immediate transfer.  You and your doctor will discuss the best areas of your body from which to harvest your natural fat cells.  During the Cell Enrich Fat Transfer Face, your natural fat cells will be gently flushed from these targeted areas, and then carefully injected into areas where you want to smooth wrinkles and creases, improve contouring, plump up volume, or add youthful fullness. 

Cell Enrich Fat Transfer Face different from cosmetic injectables and collagen:fat inject

Cell Enrich Fat Transfer Face uses your body’s own natural fat to fill in lines and wrinkles, improve contour and restore fullness. The natural fat will give you a softer, more natural looking appearance.  With temporary hyaluronic acid fillers and collagen injections, patients must return frequently for new treatments to maintain results, typically as often as every six to nine months.  With Cell Enrich Fat Transfer , much of the transferred fat will remain, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance treatments.  What’s more, by using your own natural fat cells, Cell Enrich Fat Transfer reduces the risk of allergic reaction, infection or other complications that can occur when you introduce foreign substances into the body.

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Results with Cell Enrich Fat Transfer Face:

You can expect outstanding, natural-looking and long-lasting results. There’s no patient downtime with Cell Enrich Fat Transfer Face, so you can return to work or home immediately after the procedure.




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