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It’s a scary scenario to be in so much pain, you consider leaving your birth country to fly across the world to be treated by “strangers” with promising technology. My experience at IntelliHealh was absolutely amazing! All treatment was thoroughly explained to me, both, before I left US and again at the treatment facility. The doctors and team is professional, encouraging, thorough and extremely caring. The facility is high technology, extremely clean and top notch I all regards! If anyone is experiencing pain or has a diagnosis that is treatable with stem cell procedure, I would highly recommend you to take the leap of faith and come to IntelliHealth for treatment. Amazing technology, doctors, nurses, lab technician and front office administrators – I met them all!

Everyone is well educated and experts in their field.

Thank you and I look forward to my return (in 3 months!)

Sandra Derringer

Suffering with severe joint pain for years I decided that I could not put up with the pain any more, trying all kinds of medication and creams was just not helping, so I got onto the net and found that Stem Cell injections was the only way I wanted to go.After reading many articles on the treatment and success that they were having I contacted Skygen to help arrange and find out the very best doctors to do the treatments. After xrays and Doctors notes were sent to the proper people, the SkyGen guys were able to arrange everything for us.

As now my husband had read all that Stem Cell treatment could help with, he also wanted to go over and have the treatment done for his Diabetes and fatigue and lack of B12.  Since his treatment his Diabetes has come down immensely, he has more energy, B12 is fine! 

The Doctors sat around the desk with you and explained every aspect of what they would be doing in a way we could understand on the first day and were there for you each day.

The accommodation was 5 star, the rooms were excellent, staff friendly, helpful nothing too much trouble from the doorman to cooks (who made me french fries when I craved them), through to even the housekeepers.


Intellihealth Plus Medical Centre staff were friendly, helpful, caring and very professional in all aspects of my treatment. A wonderful state-of-the-art facility, very modern and super clean.
Mohd. Tauseef India


Bishop Nathan Australia

I found all the staff I came in contact with from the moment I entered this facility to be very caring people and professional. So I would like to take this time to thank everyone at IntelliHealth. It has been an awesome experience and I am grateful for it.

Several years ago I had an arthroscopy done on my left knee due to a torn cartilage which gave me constant pain. I have been living with this pain ever since as the arthroscopy didn’t help to relieve any of it.
I recently had CT scans and x-rays taken of both my knees and right hip to be told that the knees were bone on bone and the hip had a slight lipping. It causes me to walk with a limp. I have kept the pain to a comfortable minimum by taking anti-inflammatory drugs and codeine based pain killers, all of which are no good to be taken long term but when you are in pain you don’t have much option.

After a couple of days to rest and getting acquainted with the area, my first day of treatment started on the 4th of Feb. The 5 minute walk down a breezeway to the clinic is great. You are greeted by the security guards daily with a big smile and a great salute. We caught the lift to the 2nd floor where we were once again greeted by the most friendly staff, our first contact was with Faith, she introduced us to the rest of the Dr’s and staff, all of which make you feel so relaxed and happy.

The clinic is immaculate, the nurses uniforms are colourful and perfectly ironed, they are always smiling and making sure you are comfortable.

Stem Cell Injection for Knee and Hip

Within no time at all my first lot of cells arrive to be given to me intravenously, after they were administered I was given Oxyven (intravenous oxygen) and laser therapy via a small needle system in my arm one after the other (didn’t hurt at all).

Then the time came to inject the cells into my knees and hip. The specialist orthopaedic Dr is there to administer the injections. Yes it looks like it is going to be very painful because they are a fair size needle, but because they are so fine a needle once they are being injected you feel no pain but a slight pinching sensation and pressure, but definitely not painful as such. All through the procedure the Dr is telling you exactly what is going to happen all the time so you feel very comforted and know what’s coming next. At no time are you left alone there is always a nurse with you and the Dr always pops in to see your progress whenever you’re at the clinic.

I would just like to say a few words of my experience in Thailand for my back injury.
From the first phone call up until today you have been very professional in the way you do business.
The clinic in Thailand was amazing from the day I first walked in to the day I left. I have had other stem cell procedures in Australia and China x 2 and nothing compares to the professionalism I had in Thailand. Staff, doctors,specialists and nurses were all first class and made my stay in Thailand very comfortable.
So thank you skygen for your recommendation and I hope that this helps me with my injury. At this stage already being back only 4 days it feels like there might already be improvement. I will recommend anyone with any pain due to degenerate diseases that this treatment is highly recommended.



I never felt more comprehensively cared for! I was also traveling alone and had two procedures scheduled on rather short notice. I made my decision to choose IntelliHealth based mainly on coordinator's responsiveness and professionalism. I was happy that he stayed in close contact in the time leading up to and following the procedure. The facility is immaculate and the equipment is new. The rooms are all comfortable and relaxing-- like your own hotel room. It was easy to see the doctor genuinely cared about his patients best interest. The procedures seemed to go well. Still waiting on the final results. My recovery is going very smooth compared to others I know. I was very worried about the recovery. Most gratefully I was kept overnight with a one on one nurse in my room. She kept me comfortable and tended very closely to all my needs. Every time I woke up I could see her look up from her paperwork to make sure I was okay. The other three nurses who cared for me during my pre-post op and follow up visits were fantastic. They actually made the experience enjoyable. I am so grateful for everyone at IntelliHealth's professionalism, care and commitment. It was outstanding.

We my partner and I paid a visit and were greeted by a friendly nurse who explained the Botox used and showed us around the centre. We made an appointment and though I was really nervous about receiving Botox treatment in Bangkok, the doctor spoke great English and was able to explain exactly what and where he would place the Botox. The nurses and staff are friendly and they seem to have a cohesive team, lots of smiling pleasant faces. I recommend if you are looking for anti ageing treatment whilst in Thailand pay the centre at Intelli Health at Lumpini Pathumwan, Bangkok a visit. Botox is about have the price of what I would pay in Australia and infection control appears to be adhered too. The product was mixed in front of me so I knew what I was receiving. Nabota is used ( natural botulinum toxin type A) . I will certain ally come back on my next trip.

"I was so scared of pain, but the nurses and Dr were so gentle and caring, great service and I will definitely recommend!"

After just one laser treatment on my face after a rhinoplasty my husband and I both see a difference. I had very bad bruising and swelling and it has helped a lot already. The 2nd & 3rd treatments I am having tomorrow & Thursday should make a major difference. A very well run, professional business who have your best interests and well being at heart. Very reasonably priced too.

Best nurses out of any hospital or treatment centre I have been to,even in Australia.They always make you feel comfortable and ask how you are doing or if you are in pain. Laser showers here have worked wonders on my swelling of face + bruising post plastic surgery, after going 3 times my cousin couldn't believe the difference in my face straight away, especially when you wake up the next day. The price is also very reasonable for the results you get so quickly. Thank You to the lovely staff and nurses at intelli health. Couldn't recommend enough.

“Very Pleased with the treatments offered and the explanation of same. Looking forward to long term healing improvement”

"This was fantastic experience and everyone was amazing all helpful and very caring. Wonderful facilities and very clean, i could not fault anything. I will tell all my friends how wonderful you all were, Thank you! " 

"The skin seems to be healing nicely, the smaller ones have just a faint mark now which i think will fade further. The larger ones are still healing and have a indent in the skin where the mole used to be. i am guessing over time the skin will eventually level out. Overall i am pleased with the results. i would also like to add that i was very impressed with service and hygiene at the clinic. i can't fault my experience at all and thank you all very much"



It’s the middle of my stay and I’ve already had one round of stem cell injections into my knees. There’ll be another round in a few days. Every day I have an IV to deliver the oxygen and laser therapies. The nurses always tell me what they are about to do and they are thorough and competent. I love listening to them laughing and talking in Thai. There’s always a movie playing in the treatment room and I don’t really watch but just relax and zone out on the sounds of the nurses voices and dialogue of the movie. I’m always very comfortable and really appreciate the rest.

I’m about to have the second round of injections and have been moved to the seventh floor where they have additional rooms. My new room has an extraordinary looking fish in a tank. He has bristly fins on his head and a permanent smile. I’m told he’s not that nice as he’s a fighting fish. Anyway he keeps me entertained during the remaining round of needles and injections. Am really over the needles but, hey! It’s nearly done. Already I feel that some of the tightness in my knees has let up and there’s more strength.

I’m going up the stairs where I live. It’s been a week since I got back. I can do it slowly without my cane. My walking is so much better. It’s almost as though the time since I fell down the stairs, injured my knees and woke up all the arthritis in them has passed like a bad dream.

Already I can walk almost normally and the times I have pain are shrinking. I feel that the supplements and the vitamin D the Thai doctor told me to take are helping and I know that the stem cells in my knees are attached and working to build new cartilage.

I reach the top of the stairs realising that I had not even used the side rail.  I’m in my room and the phone’s ringing.

Deborah Watters

It was the best medical treatment i ever had in my life. all staffs and service were very helpful and kindly during my stay. Would recommend to others definitely!  

Everyone helped to make the treatment a very positive experience.

"Its now 4 months since I started my Stem Cells treatment with you for my painful degenerative spinal problems.  I am very very happy report to you that for me, your stem cells treatment has been an absolutely wonderful 100% success.  My spine has returned to a very normal state, I have regained full mobility and I have no debilitating pains at all.  I love life again, I am back into travelling and I’m even playing some gentle games of golf again (Dr Htut, you were right!)." 

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