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When we are younger adults, skin youthfulness is maintained by stem cells which self-renew and generate daughter cells that become new skin. Therefore, skin ageing is caused by impaired stem cell migration from the bone marrow or reduced number of stem cells able to respond to repair signals. A stem cell facial can help give you a younger looking face.


Stem Cells from Fat: Your Body’s Own Fountain of Youth

The body’s own stem cells open up a large potential of regenerative treatment options. Introduced locally in the face, neck and décolleté stem cells regenerate the tissue and give face and skin freshness and elasticity. Stem Cell Facial rejuvenation is an ideal treatment for aged skin.

According to our experience, almost everyone has sufficient reserves of fat, but would rather prefer to get rid of it. Your fat contains adult stem cells, offering encouraging and gentle treatment options for the rejuvenation of your face without artificial foreign materials (e.g., silicone).

Conventional surgery using scalpels and general anesthesia for facelifts and lid corrections, for example, which involve cutting away skin tissue is avoidable in many cases. The therapeutic approach to stem cell treatments consists of replenishing a loss of volume and skin damages in a gentle and natural way by means of autologous tissue and stem cells. Your skin and your subcutaneous tissue regenerate.


Treatment with stem cells or stem cell-enriched autologous fat can be used for facial rejuvenation, the treatment of wrinkles and correction of pitted scars, unevenness and volume deficits in the face, thighs, bottom, abdomen and other parts of the body. In this way, even hands and cleavage can be rejuvenated.

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