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Alternative Cancer Treatments: Cancer Immunotherapy and Anti-Cancer Therapies

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can be effective, but they can also cause significant side effects and do not work for everyone. However, there are other promising alternative cancer treatments such as anti-cancer treatments such as immunotherapy. IntelliHealth Plus Clinic has been at the forefront of this approach, utilizing a combination of four main treatments; NK Cell Therapy, Cancer Photodynamic Therapy, Anti-Cancer Infusions, Ozone, and Oxygen Therapy to help patients fight cancer.

What is Immunotherapy Treatment?

immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that harnesses the power of the body’s own immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells. Unlike traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, which can damage healthy cells as well as cancerous ones, immunotherapy is designed to specifically target cancer cells and spare healthy cells, leading to fewer side effects and potentially better outcomes.


This type of cancer therapy seeks to harness the power of immune cells circulating in your body and has the potential to provide lasting benefits. By treating your body with immune stimulating therapies, and supplying the body with highly active immune cells, your body can increase its ability to treat the cancer.

At IntelliHealthPlus Clinic, we have four main Anti-Cancer treatments:

  • NK Cells – NK Therapy is a type of immunotherapy that involves the use of natural killer (NK) cells, which are white blood cells that play a crucial role in the body’s immune system. These cells can recognize and destroy cancer cells, and when they are used in therapy, they can significantly improve a patient’s chances of survival. At IntelliHealthPlus Clinic, the NK cells are obtained from the patient’s own blood and then activated to increase their effectiveness. This personalized approach ensures that the patient’s immune system is working to fight the specific cancer cells.
  • Cancer Photodynamic Therapy is another type of immunotherapy that involves the use of a photosensitizing agent and a specific wavelength of light to destroy cancer cells. The photosensitizing agent is first introduced into the patient’s body, where it is absorbed by the cancer cells. Then, the specific wavelength of light is directed at the area, activating the agent and causing the cancer cells to die. This treatment has shown great promise in treating certain types of cancer, including skin, lung, and bladder cancer.
  • Anti-Cancer Infusions involve the use of natural substances, such as vitamin C, to support the body’s immune system and aid in the fight against cancer cells. At IntelliHealth Plus Clinic, these infusions are tailored to each patient’s specific needs and are used to complement the other treatments.
  • Ozone & Oxygen Therapy is a treatment that involves the use of medical-grade ozone and oxygen to help the body detoxify and improve its overall immune function. This treatment can improve the body’s ability to fight cancer cells and also helps to reduce inflammation, which can be a major contributing factor to the development and progression of cancer.

These treatments are combined and customized to create a treatment package that is tailored to each patient’s specific needs. This personalized approach has produced remarkable results, with patients experiencing partial or significant improvement in their condition within a relatively short period of time. Even the most challenging cases have shown improvement within six months of initial treatment.

If you or a loved one is facing cancer, it’s worth considering the potential benefits of immunotherapy and contacting IntelliHealthPlus Clinic to learn more about their innovative approach to cancer treatment. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized care and support throughout your cancer journey.


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Cancer Immunotherapy Program

NK cells are the patrol units of the immune system, and they can respond quickly to kill diseased cells.

Anti-Cancer Treatments

Boosting up the immunity and helps to fight against Cancer and viral replication.

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