Breast Fat Grafting

IntelliHealth Breast Fat Grafting

At IntelliHealth, we want our clients to look and feel beautiful.

At IntelliHealth, we want our clients to look and feel beautiful. We can help you achieve natural looking results with our breast fat grafting procedure. Fat grafting, also known as Autologous Fat Grafting, is a procedure that can benefit:

  • People with a lack of upper breast tissue
  • People who are looking for a natural, small change in breast size and shape.

Many people opt for fat grafting over augmentation surgery as it results in a much more natural feel and look to the breasts. If you are looking for a change but want to keep it subtle, the breast fat grafting is for you.

How does it work?

Fat is taken from the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks, and transferred to the breast using liposuction to remove it and small injections to the breast to transfer it.

What to Expect

Most patients have fat harvested from their abdomen or thighs using liposuction via small incisions. Our skilled surgeons sculpt the shape of the breasts by injecting the harvested fat into the desired area. Fat transfer is a typically safe and straightforward surgery, and recovery is relatively quick. It is important that the patient maintains body weight after the procedure as it takes about 3 months for the engrafted fat to settle completely.

The duration of the procedure is typically two hours. The recovery period is typically 7 days, after which stitches will be removed from the areas where fat was extracted.


Advantages of Breast Fat Grafting

In comparison to cosmetic surgeries, the following are advantages of choosing breast fat grafting:

  • No use of implants
  • Small incisions, minimal scarring
  • Natural feel and look to breasts

Your own body fat is used to augment the breast, which is the safest and most natural method.

Because it is your own tissue, there’s no risk for allergic reactions.  This also means that your breasts will look and feel more natural.

Why choose fat grafting over implants?

There are benefits to choosing fat grafting over synthetic implants.

  • Implants carry the risk of rupture and leakage, which means they must be changed over the patient’s lifespan. This is not the case with grafting.
  • Implants have a risk of visibility and rippling, especially when they’re too large for the original breast tissue. In grafting, only small amounts of excess fat are used, meaning there is no chance of rippling.
  • Implants leave behind visible scars, unlike fat injections.
  • Even though the use of silicone for implants is relatively safe, it is still not as safe as using your own body fat.

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