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Ihplus at Thailand International Boat Show 2023

A successfully completed event for IntelliHealthPlus Clinic by StemCells21 at the Thailand International Boat Show 2023 hosted by The Royal Phuket Marina. IntelliHealthPlus Rejuvenation Clinic by Stemcells21 participated at The International Boat Show 2023 hosted by Royal Phuket Marina, to introduce and support your journey throughout our regenerative cellular therapies. We thank everyone who visited […]

IntelliHealthPlus Clinic X Thailand International Boat Show 2023

Start your Regenerative Cell Therapy Journey with IntelliHealthPlus Clinic by Stemcells21 at Phuket International Boat Show 2023 in January 12-15 Thailand International Boat Show is one of the most famous yachts showcases in SouthEast Asia. It is held annually in January for four days where many expats, boat lovers,Thai elites and thousands of visitors come […]

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day | 20th May 2022 A global race around the world to unite community resources and raise awareness. There is no other program in the world focused on Autoimmune Arthritis and associated diseases that is as large and has the potential global reach as World Autoimmune Arthritis Day. This event provides patients […]