MSC cellular facial repair program

MSC Cellular Facial Repair Program Restore Your Skin to a More Youthful Vibrant Appearance MAKE AN APPOINTMENT NOW This package combines the rejuvenating features of young MSC injections with a multi factor facial anti-aging program. By triggering natural repair systems of the face with lasers, then repopulating the face with young MSCs, and supporting with high impact […]

Brain and Body Rejuvenation Package

Brain and Body Rejuvenation Package ” Optimize and Energize the function of your Cellular Health “ MAKE AN APPOINTMENT NOW A unique combination treatment to therapeutically impact Brain and Body health and trigger systemic Rejuvenation by optimizing and energizing the function of your Cells by giving an IV infusion of NADh and an intramuscular injection […]

Placenta Therapy Promotion

IM Placenta Therapy

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT NOW Aging is a complex degenerative process that occurs in everyone in time. Everyone’s cells accumulate damage and weaken over the course of their life. While lifestyle factors such as stress, smoking, or poor diet can accelerate the aging process, ultimately this cellular damage is inevitable through the wear-and-tear of normal daily […]

Ultra Bright Program Promotion

A combination treatment of IV vitamins/minerals/antioxidants formulated to brighten your skin from the inside, along with our MSC cellular serum skin wrap + whole body laser bed. The perfect way to revive your skin complexion to a fresh and healthy glow. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT NOW Treatments at IntelliHealthPlus Clinic IV Skin Brightening Infusion is improved […]

V-Face Lift Program

“A combination treatment of Radiofrequency (RF) therapy, also called RF skin tightening, and Fat Killer mesotherapy injections. The procedure stimulates lifting and tightening of the skin, and the elimination of stubborn fat in the jowl and cheek, to give you a V-shape face. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT NOW Facial Treatments at IntelliHealthPlus Clinic The flow of […]

IV NAD Infusion Promotion

” NAD promotes cellular regeneration and a part of the conversion of cellular energy” MAKE AN APPOINTMANT NOW IV NAD Infusion at IntelliHealthPlus Clinic A critical coenzyme found in every cell in your body, and it’s involved in hundreds of metabolic processes. But its levels decline with age. It has two general sets of reactions […]