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Georgy Capener – Ewing’s Sarcoma Treatment

Cancer ImmunoTherapy at iHPLUS Clinic – Bangkok, Thailand
Georgy Capener, Ewing's Sarcoma Treatment, Ewing's Sarcoma, Cancer immunotherapy,
Georgy Capener - Ewing's Sarcoma Treatment
Cancer Immunotherapy

In 2018, 8-year-old Georgy James Capener, was playing in his friend’s garden when he had a nasty fall. His worried family quickly took him to A&E but were devastated to learn that he possessed an incredibly serious underlying health condition.

Georgy was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, an exceptionally rare and highly malignant form of bone cancer that generates a mass of abnormal cells that can invade and destroy the body’s healthy tissue.

Over the course of the next 12 months, Georgy was in and out of hospital, undergoing a series of high-dose chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions in an attempt to bring the aggressive cancer under control.

As a result of his treatment, Georgy was unable to eat and lost a tremendous amount of weight.

Eventually, most of his right arm had to be removed and replaced with a titanium prosthesis.

In March 2019, Georgy went into remission which meant, for him and his family, life could return to a state of normality.

During April 2020, however, the family were devastated to learn that Georgy’s cancer had returned and was now present in his left sinus, underneath his eye socket, and in the back of his nose.

The cancer had started to destroy his cheekbone and was growing into the base of his skull.

Georgy had to be rushed back into hospital so that preparations could be made for further treatment. Meanwhile, his heartbroken family waited to find out if he would lose his eyesight or suffer a stroke.

Georgy Capener, Ewing's Sarcoma Treatment, Ewing's Sarcoma, Cancer immunotherapy,

Georgy's 1st Cancer ImmunoTherapy

At IntelliHealthPlus Clinic

Georgy is a 11 year old boy who was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma of the right humerus in May 2018. He received 13 rounds of chemotherapy and 28 days of radiation therapy. In December 2018 he had an operation to replace his entire humerus bone, elbow and shoulder with a titanium prosthesis. And he went into remission in March 2019 until May 2020.

In May 2020 there was a relapse with Ewing’s to his left nasopharynx and has currently had 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 25 radiation therapy.
After 2 rounds of chemotherapy, he had a scan and the scan shows that the tumor size is shrinking and he is due for another scan (March 2021).
He is not suffering from any pain but his throat is starting to get some soreness due to radiation

Georgy’s parents decided to have him treated with NK cells therapy at IntelliHealthPlus Clinic, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Before the NK cells therapy Georgy was checked for his CTC (Circulating Tumor Cells) form his blood sample, of which the report was received on the 7th May 2021. This test is to check the level and the origins and the levels of the tumor markers as pre-NK cells therapy. The test was also repeated later in September 2021 to compare the progress and improvement.

After 10 nights quarantine at the AQ hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, on 10th May 2021 Georgy and both his mother and father arrived at our clinic in the morning for his Day 1 treatment program.

Dr.Htut Says..  ” When we first met Georgy, he looked quite pale, thin, emaciated. He also complains of having tummy upset sometimes with gas and bloating for about 1-2 days. His right elbow and upper arm where he got his surgery done to get rid of the tumor was with a very limited movement and flexion that he can perform. Sometimes he feels the pain in the right arm. He was also feeling uncomfortable and felt slight pain and soreness at his left side of the nasopharynx area where he received radiation therapy to that area where relapse of Ewing’s sarcoma occurred. 

He is quite cooperative, does not talk too much but when asked questions, he will answer quite clearly to what we need to know.
He and his parents were thoroughly explained about the NK therapy program that will take 4 weeks duration. They understood the whole treatment program and was happy and ready to start the Day 1 treatment program on the 10th of May 2021, where we collected the blood for a comprehensive blood test and an energetic scan”.

During Treatment:

On Day 1 -18 the following procedures was applied:

  • Day 1: Blood collection for a comprehensive blood test and an energetic scan
    IV infusion of Photosensitizer
    PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy)
    IV medical laser and oxygen therapy
    Local tissue irradiation to the target area with Infrared (Right upper arm and to left Nasopharynx area)
  • Day 2 to Day 17: Different types of biological products (products that was tested as sensitive during the CTC test) was given intravenously daily together with IV medial laser oxygen therapy and tissue laser irradiation / PDT to the right arm and PDT treatment via sublingual medical laser to affect the left nasopharynx. He was also given daily treatment of whole-body Infrared laser therapy using the IR Laser Bed.
  • Day 18 and 21: NK cell Infusion was given.

During the 4 weeks treatment program Georgy tolerated the treatment well with no side effects and complications at all.

He also gained weight during the treatment course. Before the treatment he weighed 29 Kg and after 28 days was 31Kg.

We had a final round of consultation with him together with his parents on the last day of treatment and all the staff at IH Plus was glad to see Georgy with all smiles on his face, feeling happy. He said he feels much better than before, fresher and more energetic. The pain in his right arm and soreness in his left nasopharynx was very much improved. We were also glad to see a video shot of Georgy playing football with some of his friends after 3 weeks arriving back home in UK. His mother said he played for around 20 minutes. During the game also he was not so tired like before and he could manage to play without any incidents. He loves playing football and he is one the great fan of EPL Liverpool football team where he has many followers on his fan page even with Mohamed Salah from Liverpool football club as one of his fan.

Georgy's Follow-up Cancer ImmunoTherapy

At IntelliHealthPlus Clinic

Georgy was scheduled for his follow up treatment 3 months after his first NK cells therapy with another 2 batches of NK cells. A follow up blood CTC was also checked on the 14th of September 2021 to review and make a comparison from the first test that was done on the 7th of May 2021.

The CTC test report shows that his tumor makers was improved with 50% less than the previous test with some of the tumor markers tested negative from a previous DIM result.

The follow up treatment was started on 4th of October 2021. After 14 nights stay without needing a quarantine in Phuket Sandbox AQ hotel, Georgy and his parents arrived at our clinic on the morning of 4th October 2021.

Dr.Htut Says.. ” Georgy looks very fresh, energetic and with smiles. He said he feels good with no complain of pain in his right arm and the soreness in his left nasopharynx has gone away. His right arm was so flexible that he can get it flexed and abduction to the fullest with the fingers even touching the back. There was no more pain also”.

Georgy's Mother shared the experience of his treatments @Georgysfight
During Treatment:

The blood was collected on the 4th, day of the treatment and NK cells was infused on the Day 18 and Day 21 of the treatment schedule. 

During the treatment Georgy has no side effects or complications at all, except for his bloating of his tummy sometimes which was taken care by taking gaviscon chewable tablets. The tummy upset happened only one time during the 4 weeks.

He was feeling good and energetic throughout the 4 weeks treatment duration. His blood tests report also shows improvement on the blood panels compared with the first blood tests done during the first treatment.

Before the treatment his weight was 31 Kg and after 28 days was at 31 Kg. We had a final round of consultation with him together with his parents on the last day of treatment.
We were glad to see Georgy with all smiles on his face and feeling happy. He expressed himself as feeling good, better than before, fresher and more energetic.

The improvement

Georgy has improved in his clinical conditions such as:

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