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IV Kidney Cleanse Infusion Package Promotion

Way to eliminate toxins from your body and promote better kidney health!

IV kidney cleanse infusion is a type of alternative therapy where fluids and vitamins are administered intravenously (into a vein) in order to cleanse and detoxify the kidneys. The aim of this therapy is to improve kidney function and eliminate waste and toxins from the body, improve overall health, and reduce risk of kidney stones and kidney failure.

The kidneys play a vital role in maintaining the body’s health by filtering waste and excess fluid from the blood, regulating fluid and electrolyte balance, and producing hormones that regulate various functions in the body. The kidneys’ job is to clean the blood of impurities. They eliminate extra toxins and water as well as purify the blood. Additionally, they assist with maintaining bone health, balancing electrolytes, and preventing anemia.

Having a lot of crystal-forming chemicals in your urine, such as calcium, uric acid, and oxalate, can lead to the development of kidney stones. One of the issues a kidney cleanse is supposed to solve is this one.

Benefits of Kidney Cleanse Infusion:

✔ Cleanse and Detoxify the kidneys

✔ Supports Kidney Health
✔ Urinary Tract Support
✔ Maintains Kidney Cleansing Function

✔ Reduce the risk of kidney disease

Who should get this therapy?

  • Person who live unhealthy lifestyles
  • Person who regularly consume an unhealthy diet
  • Person who have high blood pressure
  • Person who have diabetes 

IV Nutrition Infusions Can Greatly Benefit Your Health

Vitamins and minerals that are delivered intravenously are absorbed at a much higher percentage (90%) than those that are taken orally and broken down by the stomach and digestive tract, which get absorbed at a level of approximately 50%.

Kidney Cleanse Infusion

Treatment Package Includes:

IV Kidney Cleanse Infusion

8 Sessions = 36,000 THB

FREE! Pre & Post Kidney Check-Up (Blood Test)

Kidney Health Screening

Kidney function tests are urine or blood tests that help to evaluate how efficiently your kidney working to clear waste from your body system. Our doctor may order a few types of kidney function tests: such as:

  • Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) : measures nitrogen (made from protein breakdown) in your blood.
  • Serum creatinine: measures the buildup of creatinine, a waste product from muscle tissue breakdown.


+ Consultation by experienced medical doctor

+ FREE! Body Check-Up Scan

Cellular Energy Health

This scanner receives from the brain the resonating frequency of the part of the body that was selected and is then compared to a known frequency that the selected organ, tissue, etc,  should be vibrating at if healthy. 

+ Consultation by experienced medical doctor team

How often do you need to get?

Doctor would recommend to do 1-2 session per week

How long does it take?

The treatment will take 1-2 hours for your first visit. And visit will take about  45-60 Minutes.

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