IV Liver Detoxification Infusion is Multivitamin therapy which contains 9 types of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help promote the detoxification process from the liver.

The formula helps a hangover as well as cleans and supports liver function to fight dangerous oxidants. It is suitable for those with fatty liver problems and those who frequently drink alcohol. The nutrients in this formula can increase liver efficiency to detoxify the body and change fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble ones. Also help restore a healthy liver and healthy body. boost immunity prevents diseases.

Benefits of IV Liver Detoxification:
✔ Supports enzymes that help the liver to eliminate toxins, protect the liver from toxins
✔ Reduces inflammation
✔ Protects the liver from chemotherapy in cancer patients
✔ Helps the liver recover faster and accelerate the excretion of toxic residues in the body
✔ Reduces the accumulation of fat in the liver and the adhesion of fat on the walls of blood vessels
✔ Promotes a healthy immune system
✔ Maintain and prevent by increasing the flow of bile from the liver through the gallbladder into the intestines to digest fat

Vitamins and minerals that are delivered intravenously are absorbed at a much higher percentage (90%) than those that are taken orally and broken down by the stomach and digestive tract, which get absorbed at a level of approximately 50%.

Free! health check with Cellular Energy – BioResonance Scan

This scanner receives from the brain the resonating frequency of the part of the body that was selected and is then compared to a known frequency that the selected organ, tissue, etc,  should be vibrating at if healthy.


The duration of the treatment is 40-60 minutes.
Recommended to do 1-2 sessions per week 

IV Liver Detoxification Infusion is 4,500 baht
Promo Package for 4 sessions is 16,000 baht

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