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Longevity Health Check Up Package Promotion,

Longevity Health Check Up Package Promotion

Exclusive Offer : NAD Infusion Therapy!

" Giving you a snapshot of your health status and insight into how has your are aging "

Begin your journey to optimal your better health in 2024 with our Longevity Health Check Up Package Promotion !

In the pursuit of a healthier and more fulfilling life, regular health check-ups play an indispensable role. At IntelliHealthPlus Clinic, we recognize that proactive healthcare is the cornerstone of well-being. Our longevity health check-ups are designed to empower individuals to take charge of their health and embark on a journey towards optimal wellness.

Why Health Check-ups Matter:

Health check-ups serve as a proactive approach to maintaining good health. They offer a holistic view of an individual’s health status, allowing for early detection of potential health concerns, even before symptoms manifest. These check-ups encompass a range of assessments, screenings, and evaluations tailored to each individual’s unique health needs.

At IntelliHealthPlus Clinic, our approach to health check-ups goes beyond routine examinations. We offer personalized assessments, advanced screenings, and in-depth consultations with our medical team. Our longevity check-ups cover various aspects of health, including:

  1. Women’s Health Check-Up Packages:
    • Basic Check Up Package
    • Intermediate Check Up Package
    • Comprehensive Check-Up Package
  2. Men’s Health Check-Up Packages:
    • Basic Check Up Package
    • Intermediate Check Up
    • Package¬† Comprehensive Check-Up Package
The Benefits of Longevity Health Check-ups:
  • Early Detection and Prevention: Timely screenings can detect health issues at their initial stages, enabling prompt intervention and prevention of complications.
  • Personalized Health Plans: Tailored health assessments allow for personalized health plans and lifestyle modifications to enhance overall well-being.
  • Peace of Mind: Regular check-ups offer reassurance and peace of mind, fostering a proactive approach to health management.
  • Improved Health Outcomes: Proactively addressing health concerns can lead to better health outcomes and an improved quality of life.


At IntelliHealthPlus Clinic, our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the check-up. We strive to empower individuals by providing guidance, education, and ongoing support to facilitate a holistic approach to health and wellness.

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Your health is your greatest asset. Investing in regular health check-ups at IntelliHealthPlus Clinic sets the foundation for a healthier, more fulfilling life. By prioritizing preventive healthcare, you’re taking proactive steps towards a vibrant and resilient future.

Schedule your health check-up with IntelliHealthPlus Clinic and embark on a journey towards optimal health and wellness today!

Our Longevity Health Check Up Package Promotion

Treatment Includes:

Longevity Health Check-Up

Starting Price From

Package Options:

  • Basic Check Up Package
  • Intermediate Check Up Package
  • Comprehensive Check-Up Package

Exclusive Offer

Purchase any longevity health check up package and receive

– FREE –


Infusion Therapy ( 100 mg. )

Includes >> 2 Complimentary Check-Ups

Cellular Energetic Scan

This scanner receives from the brain the resonating frequency of the part of the body that was selected and is then compared to a known frequency that the selected organ, tissue, etc, should be vibrating at if healthy.

Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is a test that can give you a very accurate state of health, and allow you to find out about disease in your body, allowing you to implement steps to reverse it before it starts to cause you problems.

FREE consultation with our doctor

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Free of charge for face to face consultation and a phone call for your results by our experienced doctor.

Fast Track

A fast track queue can help to reduce wait times and minimize frustration for those who are able to use them

1-2 Days Test Results

The results will take 1-2 days. Some tests may need to be sent to an off-site laboratory, will take a few days to a week or more.
Why choose IntelliHealthPlus Clinic ?

Complimentary Consultation: Begin your journey with a thorough consultation with our experienced skincare professionals. We’ll assess your unique needs and goals, creating a personalized treatment plan just for you.

Special Pricing: Enjoy special promotional pricing on our MSC-EVs Skin Revive Therapy packages. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the transformative power of this innovative treatment.

Customized Care: Your skin treatment is as unique as you are. We tailor every aspect of your MSC-EVs Skin Therapy to address your specific concerns, whether it’s reducing fine lines, improving texture, or achieving a natural, radiant glow.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Experience MSC-EVs Skin Therapy in a state-of-the-art medical facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology and led by a team of skilled professionals.

Holistic Approach: At IntelliHealthPlus Clinic, we take a holistic approach to skincare. In addition to MSC-EVs, we offer treatments and wellness services to support your overall health and well-being.


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At IntellihealthPlus Clinic, we believe that anti-aging is about looking younger and feeling younger and healthier. We offer a variety of service designed to help individuals age gracefully and maintain their youth and vitality.

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