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Medical Tourism

IntelliHealthPlus Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

With over 10 years experience our company has arranged treatments for 1000’s of patients with a range of conditions around the world. 

Our services are up to a world-class standard, led by our staff team of international experts. At IntelliHealth+ we understand that prevention is always the best cure, so we focus on prevention of disease and conditions, while the cure comes later. We take a functional, holistic approach to medicine, incorporating your individual needs into our customized treatment programs, using only evidence based methods in treatment.

We welcome patients from all over the world. We have staff members who can speak fluent English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Thai, and Spanish, and we do everything we can to create a smooth, seamless experience with us.

Becoming a Patient

At IntelliHealth Plus Clinic

Video Consultation

with Our Medical Team

We offer consultations through video chats with our medical professionals with language services available.

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Book Your Travel

to Bangkok, Thailand

We help you make arrangements for your travel to Bangkok and help you select your hotel for your stay.

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Start Your Experience

at Our Medical Clinic

Start your treatment with us, we put your experience at the centre of every choice we make.

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Treatment Experiences

At IntelliHealth Plus Clinic


No-Obligation Consultation

First, we will conduct an in-depth consultation to define the right treatment package options for your condition. We will conduct your consultation either over the phone, over a video call, or in-person, depending on your desires. During your consultation, we will review your medical history, your medical evaluation form, and any other medical documents relevant to your condition. One of our doctors will review these documents with you, and recommend a range of appropriate treatment packages.


Selection, Scheduling, and Arrangements

You will select the treatment package that you feel best meets your needs, and best aligns the level of investment you can commit. You will pay your upfront fee, and select the most convenient dates to schedule your treatment. From there, we will help you make arrangements for your travel to Bangkok— we will help you select your hotel or your residence for your stay, and we will arrange transportation to pick you up from the airport, and to take you to and from your lodging and our clinic.


Initial Treatment

We will perform your initial treatment. On your first day, we will take vital measurements to benchmark your starting health status. Most initial treatment packages require three to six consecutive days of daily treatments each of which typically last two to three hours per day. This includes administration of both your therapy, and your supportive therapies. On your last day, we will repeat your vital measurements, and review the progress you have already made.



At-Home Treatment & Follow Ups

After you complete your initial treatment, you will return home. We will provide you with your take home set of therapeutic materials which you will administer on your own, and which will increase the effectiveness of your treatment over a defined time period. We will follow up with you at regular intervals—typically one week after you return home, then one month, three months, and six months later—to review your progress on your health outcomes, and plan any follow-up treatments required.


Follow-Up Treatments (Condition Dependent)

Very simple treatments—involving a single area of focus on a simple type of tissue—may only require a single treatment. But most conditions require follow up treatments to continue to drive towards your health outcomes. Most conditions require follow-up treatments every six to twelve months, yet advanced or rapidly evolving conditions may require follow-up treatment ever two to three months. Any follow-up treatments you require will likely follow the same process as your initial treatment.


Our Service We Provide For You

At IntelliHealth Plus Clinic
Luxury Limousine

Luxury Limousine



Exclusive Accommodation

Exclusive Accommodation

VIP Excursions

VIP Excursions

Enjoy Your Experience

At IntelliHealth Plus Clinic

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