MSC Cellular Facial Repair Program

Restore Your Skin to a More Youthful Vibrant Appearance

This package combines the rejuvenating features of young MSC injections with a multi factor facial anti-aging program. By triggering natural repair systems of the face with lasers, then repopulating the face with young MSCs, and supporting with high impact growth factors and nutrition, facial rejuvenation is achievable. The treatment program is performed over a 2 visits with a 1 week gap in between:

  • Week 1: Hifu Facial, Venus Viva Needle RF Laser, IM Placenta Injection (M or F), IV Nutrition + Facial Low Level Laser
  • Week 2: MSC Facial Injections, Placenta + Collagen Full Face Mesotherapy, IM Placenta Injection (M or F), IV Nutrition + Facial Low Level Laser


Pain Less Procedure with U225

Pain Free and No Downtime:

Facial Injection Program is performed with the U225 professional injection system. This precision equipment delivers highly accurate placement and depth of injections, in a painless manner. Facial injections with this system also has considerably less down time, if any, then when compared to manual injection techniques.

MSC Cellular Facial Repair Program​

Treatment Package Includes:

MSC Cellular Facial Injection

MSC 5,000,000 Cells & Placenta+Collagen Full Face Mesotherapy

1 x Micro-Needle RF Facial Laser

Full Face Treatment

1 x Ultra HIFU Facial Lifting Treatment

Full Face Treatment

2 x Placenta Therapy Injection

Female or Male Product

2 x IV Skin Rejuvenation Infusion

45 min/session

Program Price


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Available NOW – 31 August 2022

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