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MSC Cellular Hair Growth Program

Trigger new hair follicles, strengthen existing hair follicles, reduce premature hair loss, and reduce hair thinning.

Hair disorders are common and can range from conditions including hair loss and baldness, excessive hair growth, and disorders involving the hair shaft. Causes of hair loss include, but are not limited to, genetic abnormalities, skin disorders, diseases, bacterial infections, hormone imbalances and damaging grooming practices.

This package combines the rejuvenating features of young MSC injections with a multi factor Hair Growth program. By triggering natural repair systems of the scalp with lasers, then repopulating the scalp with young MSCs, and supporting with high impact growth factors and nutrition, facial rejuvenation is achievable. The treatment program is performed over a 2 visits with a 1 week gap in between:

  • Week 1: MSC Cell and Placenta Scalp Injection, Placenta Scalp Micro Needling, and Scalp LED Biotherapy.
  • Week 2: Scalp Micro Needling Placenta, Scalp LED Biotherapy, and Topical Placenta and Hair Growth Formula.

MSC Cellular Therapy

The dermal papilla (DP) region is an important area of the hair follicle that contains MSCs which participate in inducing hair growth and controlling hair cycle. DP cells are surrounded by MSC cells which are essential for DP cell regeneration and proliferation and therefore hair growth, as well. 

As we age various factors such as hormonal changes and depletion of MSC pools in the region, can trigger premature hair loss. By introducing new youthful MSC Cells to the dermal papila region, and throughout the scalp tissue, a rejuvenation of the hair takes place.

Our patients who have undergone our MSC cell therapy have shown significant improvement in hair thickness (especially at 6 months post-treatment), statistically significant increase in hair density 3 and 6 months post-treatment; there was also a statistically significant decrease in hair-pull test.

All MSCs are grown in the SC21 laboratories under strict international guidelines. The MSC are grown with a focus on maintaining their juvenile regenerative qualities.

Pain Less Procedure with U225

Pain Free and No Downtime:

Scalp Injection Program is performed with the U225 professional injection system. This precision equipment delivers highly accurate placement and depth of injections, in a painless manner. Scalp injections with this system also has considerably less down time, if any, then when compared to manual injection techniques.

MSC Cellular Hair Growth Program

Treatment Package Includes:

MSC Cellular Hair Growth Program

MSC 5,000,000 Cell Therapy


1 x MSC 5,000,000 Cells Therapy Injection

Full Scalp Treatment

2 x Placenta Scalp Micro Needling Treatment

Full Scalp Treatment

2 x Scalp LED Biotherapy Laser Treatment

Low Level Laser

1 x Topical Hair Growth Formula Set

Take Home Product

Program Price



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