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Gold Thread Therapy

Gold Thread Chronic Pain Treatment

– 99.99% Pure Gold Thread Nano Coating

Gold is a naturally inert material which makes it suitable for implantation into human body. The earliest gold implantation can be traced back to ancient Egypt where tiny pieces of gold were found embedded into the body of a 7000 years old Egyptian queens for rejuvenation purposes. Other archeological findings revealed that gold has been widely used in dentistry of ancient Egypt and gold leafs were found in some Egyptian mummies for unknown purposes.

Gold Thread Bio-Stimulation Therapy
for Chronic Pain Management

SC21 Gold thread is now implanted into acupuncture points, to amplify the electrical potentials of a particular set of acupuncture points and meridians, achieving pain relief by means of decongesting blockages in meridians.

SC21 Gold Thread is the only medical devices which is currently used in pain management. With its patented coating, SC21 gold thread achieves its efficacies in pain management by means of:

1)  Superb conduction of bioelectricity. Increased bioelectrical potentials in the body promote blood circulations, healing, and anti-inflammation at the implanted area. The amplified bioelectrical current also unblocks possible blockages along the meridians.

2)      Anti-inflammatory. Gold itself is the best, natural anti-inflammatory agents. Any kind of inflammation will subside in few days following gold thread implantation. The efficacies is obvious in local (acne and other skin inflammatory diseases) or systemic (joints pain, sinusitis…etc) inflammatory disorders.

3)      Angiogenesis. New network of capillaries build up around the gold thread to improve the blood circulation to the treated area. This plays an important role in eliminating pains due to poor circulations.

Aesthetics applications of SC21 Techniques: Smoothening of skin and improve complexion, wrinkles reduction and lifting of sagging body parts.

Other Indications of Gold Thread Therapy

1)      Headache

Incorporating the theories of acupuncture, SC21 gold thread is very effective in the permanent relief of various types of headache.

SC21 gold thread is implanted into acupuncture points which response as unbearable pain upon diagnostic pressure.  4 implantations on top of the head has shown to effectively relieve most headache. However, stimulating of coordinating acupuncture points maybe needed depending on the type of headache.  The following are effective acupuncture points for various type of headache:

2)      Sinusitis

Implantation of SC21 gold thread above the anatomical locations of sinuses has shown to relieve the symptoms effectively. 4 flower needling on the head, YinTang and GB20 will further amplify the efficacies of the treatment.

3)      Joints Pain

SC21 Gold Thread can be implanted into any joints to relieve pains due to injuries, cumulative traumas or arthritis, with its anti-inflammatory and angiogenetic properties. Sc21 gold thread is usually implanted into acupuncture points around the affected joint.

SC21 Gold Thread has been proven clinically to improve many others chronic, local/systemic inflammatory disorders, e.g. spinal disorders (compression of nerves by bone spur or protruded disc…etc), visual disorders (dry eye syndromes, myopia, presbyopia, glaucoma…etc), respiratory disorders (asthma, cough, pharyngitis, bronchitis…etc), mild cardiomyopathy, facial nerves disorders (neuritis), sexual disorders (impotence, low libido, erectile dysfunctions…etc).

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