Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

At IntelliHealth Plus Medical Center, Bangkok Thailand

At IntelliHealth+ we offer Ozone Therapy to patients suffering from a range of disorders, including breathing disorders, immune system disorders, and diabetes. Many patients choose IntelliHealth+ based on our expertise and our access to the best technology available for treatment.

Ozone therapy is used in the treatment  of a variety of conditions. People experiencing the following conditions can benefit from ozone therapy:

Breathing disorders

The function of the lungs is to supply the blood with oxygen. Ozone therapy increases oxygen in the blood, thus reducing stress on the lungs.


Complications associated with diabetes are usually a result of oxidative stress on the body. As ozone therapy brings fresh oxygen into the body, it can have a positive impact for people with diabetes.

Immune disorders

Ozone therapy can help to stimulate the immune system, helping those suffering from immune system disorders.

oxygen therapy

Ozone Therapy

We help by reducing pain and inflammation that causes discomfort and prevents patients from leading a relatively pain free, healthy life.

At IntelliHealth we believe that a patient’s sense of comfort and security are highly important, so we ensure a warm, friendly atmosphere alongside our commitment to quality treatment.

Our main focus here at IntelliHealth is to offer our patients the best quality treatment and care available. Our ‘whole person’ approach means we don’t just evaluate and treat conditions, we teach and advise you on how to manage your own conditions, even after your treatment.

We boast state of the art facilities and equipment, and create individual customised programs based on your unique needs.

In our practice we apply evidence-based methods that have been practiced and refined for over 10 years in our operations, offering advanced techniques for treating various conditions.

Other conditions and ailments that can be aided by Ozone Therapy include:

Ozone therapy 2

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is used in the treatment of wounds and disease by administering ozone gas, which is made up of three oxygen atoms, into the body.

It helps in stopping the growth of harmful bacteria. If you have an infection in your body, ozone therapy can prevent it from spreading.
Ozone therapy works by flushing out infected cells, allowing the body an opportunity to create healthy, new cells. It is effective in treating infections caused by:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi
  • Yeast
  • Protozoa

How often do you need to get?

1-2  session per week continue for minimum 1 month.

At least 4-8 treatments recommended to start seeing results.

How long does it take?

This treatment will take about 30-45 Minutes

Who should be received?

A person who experiencing the  conditions with Breathing disorders, Diabetes, Immune Disorders and person who wants to improve immune system.

Our  healthcare professional will discuss the best options for treatment during your consultation.


Ozone therapy has many benefits for the body, including:

What to expect

There are three main ways to receive ozone therapy

Ozone gas will be applied directly to the tissue of the affected body part if you undergo ozone therapy for an extremity problem or wound.

The ozone gas is usually dissolved into blood that was taken from you when treating internal conditions like immune system disorders. The blood, along with with the dissolved gas is injected back into you through an IV.

The ozone gas is usually dissolved into blood that was taken from you when treating internal Ozone therapy is available as an intramuscular injection. In this type of treatment, the ozone gas is mixed with your blood or sterile water before administration.conditions like immune system disorders. The blood, along with with the dissolved gas is injected back into you through an IV.

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