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Therapeutic Ultrasound

pain therapy

What is Ultrasound Therapy?

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort as a result of osteoarthritis, myofascial pain, sprains and strains, joint pain or tightness, or musculoskeletal conditions, then ultrasound therapy may be the right choice for you.

Ultrasound therapy is a treatment method for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. It makes use of sound waves to stimulate affected tissues in the body. Ultrasound Therapy is widely used in the fields of musculoskeletal and sports injuries.

Ultrasound technology became a therapeutic tool due to its ability to stimulate tissue below the surface of the skin, by using high frequency sound waves that range from 800,000 Hz to 2,000,000 Hz, well above the range of human hearing.

Who is it for?

Recommended for people experiencing the following conditions:

Ultrasound therapy 2

How does Ultrasound Therapy work?

Different frequencies and intensities of sound waves make this type of therapy a versatile treatment method. Because frequencies and intensity can be adjusted, our therapists can match the intensity of energy to the level of intensity of the condition being presented.

It works by increasing the heat level in affected tissues, essentially causing micro-damage and encouraging the body to heal itself.

For musculoskeletal conditions, Ultrasound Therapy works in three distinct ways.

  1. It increases blood flow to the affected area, which speeds up the healing process.
  2. It reduces pain by relieving inflammation and edema.
  3. It softens existing scar tissue.
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What to Expect

When you come for treatment, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Our professional therapist will apply a conductive gel to the specific body part (the target area).
  2. Next, they will slowly move the device, known as a transducer head, back and forth along the skin of the target area.
  3. The therapist will adjust the intensity and depth of penetration based on the intensity of your presenting condition.

Some patients may feel a slight pulsing during therapy, while others may feel a mild warmth in the skin. Some feel nothing at all, other than the cold gel on your skin, so if you don’t feel anything, that doesn’t mean it isn’t working.

Treatment generally last five to ten minutes and is usually performed once a day.

After treatment, you are free to resume with your daily activities.

Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy


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